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Gate Automation Equipment

Some homes and businesses will require different levels of security, and in order to keep a track of who is entering and leaving the property, quite often, automatic gates are fitted. This can be in different forms; such as electronic gates, rising bollards, and electronic barriers in order to stop unauthorised people from entering.


All of these systems will allow the operator to physically determine and control who comes into the property or building, whether this is via a code, or a swipe card. All gate, barrier and bollard systems will have an intercom system that will allow the operator to communicate with the person at the other end if they do not have the relevant details to open the gate. By doing this, it means that you can keep track of who is entering and leaving the premises, which will improve security. Auto opening on the way out is also available for those who like the minimum imput into the process.


We appreciate and understand the need for security in your home and business, which is why we offer a tailor made service, so that you have a system that is best suited to your needs.

General Layout Plan for automation. 


1: Control Board determines the extent of                    operation and all safety levels required.

2: Remote Receiver for communications between      operator remotes and control board.

3: Infa-red Sensors for secondary safety measures     plus operations.

4: Mini-remotes for general control operations. 


Other Enhancements are available;

5: Additional Infa-red Sensors for additional               safety and operation controls.  

6: Access Control Kits  - Keyed or Keypad 

7: Keypad Entry/ Intercom / GSM Wireless/video/CCTV

8: Induction Loop Detection for auto open/close 


Underground Systems 


Electro Mechanical


Underground Systems 


Electro Hydraulic


Above Ground Systems 


Electro Mechanical


Above Ground Systems 


Electro Hydraulic



Wired / Wireless/GSM/ Video/CCTV


System Enhancements

Ground Loops, Proximity Readers, Keycode, Keyswitches, Telescopic Security Posts

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A big thank you to the guys at Rea Engineering for a wonderful job.

We got in a dispute with the developer who never finished the development to spec, all the residents got together to agree on fitting new gates and railings.   W. H Rea Engineering.were pivotal in gaining agreement on the gate designs plus the induvidual automation requirements, and costs.

Thank you for making a complex issue... simple.

Local Resident                 


Hi Gilbert, 
            Many thanks for the fantastic gates – they completely change the look of our house.
The detail  and design of the gates really complements the house and garden.


Rhanbuoy Park

Tender accepted

Successful ideas:

The contract for a major project on Dublin Road , Belfast has been awarded to W. H Rea Engineering., by May Estates Ltd .

More news to follow........

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