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Miscellaneous Agricultural Equipment

Yard Scrapers.

H/D All Rubber Yard Scraper.

  • Available in painted and galvanised finish.
  • A set working width of 2.1m
  • 25mm thick x 500mm rubber high flexible fibre reinforced hard wearing rubber
  • Heavy duty structural box frame with computer aided design for increased drag efficiency giving better ground pressure for a cleaner sweep

Flexi All Rubber Yard Scraper

  • Available in painted and galvanised finish.
  • Fully adjustable wings to give 3 variable working widths from 1.7m (6ft) - 2.47m (8ft)
  • The blade frame is constructed from heavy duty structural channel
  • Specially disgned 50mm thick x 400mm high flexible moulded rubber for long life and efficient scraping
  • Hinge points are positioned outside the scraping area and are                                                                            easily accessible for greasing sweep

Adjustable All Rubber Yard Scraper.

  • Heavy duty frame
    • Available in a galvanised or painted finish
    • Adjustable sides from 6’ (1.7m) to 8’ (2.47m)
    • Reinforced linkage frame
    • Standard with both category 1 & 2 linkage attachments
    • Quick hitch A-frame optional extra
                                                                  • 50mm abrasive resistant moulded rubber
                                                                  • Simple quick release trip mechanism sweep

Transport Boxes.

Transport Box.


  • Available 5Ft Long or 6Ft long x 3Ft  Wide
  • Three Point Linkage or Handler Fork Toe Channels.
  • Options of Swing Out Door or Lift Up Door
  • Fixed unit handy for bringing new lambs off the hill / transporting posts and wire out for fencing jobs etc. - lots of practical uses around the farm .    

All Power Link Boxes feature universal 3 point linkage and are easy to operate. With heavy duty construction the Power Link Boxes are designed to last. The Power Link Boxes can be fitted to either 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive tractors.

7Ft Power Link Box.

  • Available 6Ft, 6Ft 6" or 7Ft Wide
  •  Good lifting capacit
  •  Treated with an anti-rust primer and finished in a high quality polyurethane paint.
  •  Scraper along bottom, for light levelling work
  •  Specially designed reinforced panels for easy cleaning
  •  Compact to back of tractor

6Ft / 6Ft 6" Power Box.

  • Internal reinforcing shoes tie the strength of the floor to the cross beams on the back of the box creating a solid back plate to absorb the force of high horse power tractors
  • Heavy duty Double acting ram
  • Reinforced floorand front nose plate
  • Heavy duty structural box section hitch with reinforced joints for extra strength
  • The heel of the box is fitted with a scraping blade, giving the capability of grading and levelling stones, sand, soil ,etc

Bale Handling.

Standard Bale Spike.

  • The Bale Spike is built on a heavy box frame reinforced where the extra strength is required. 

  • It is fitted with one 39” stone-fork tine and two small 12” stabilising tines.

  • Affordability and simplicity leaves this an essential piece of equipment for any farmer

  •  Has the strength and durability to carry large bales

  •  3-point linkage as standard

Universal Bale Spike.

  • The Universal Bale Spike comes standard with 3-point linkage brackets, but is also suitable to be fitted to any front loader. 
  • The Universal Bale Spike has two 39” stonefork tines, leaving it more suitable for long distance journeys.  
  • Efficient for long journeys 
  • 3-point link as standard

Standard Bale Tipper

  • The Standard Bale Tipper has a 90mm structural box frame with reinforced side plates designed for normal farming use, carrying bales on tractors up to 80 H.P.
  • This bale handler is designed to transport and tip 1.25m (4ft) diameter bales of wrapped silage or hay bales.

Heavy Duty Bale Tipper.

  • Heavy Duty Bale Tipper
  • The Heavy Duty Bale Tipper is designed to transport 1.25m (4ft) diameter bales of wrapped silage or hay for large farms and contracting use.
  • This Bale handler is designed to store the bales on their end, the finely counter-balanced tipping mechanism automatically resets itself after tipping the bale.
  • This H.D Bale handler is manufactured from 100mm box with 120mm frame giving absolute rigidity for high H.P Tractors.
  • Will work equally well with silage, haylage, hay and straw round bales, wrapped bales or unwrapped round bales. .

Heavy Duty Double Bale Tipper.

  • The Double Bale Tipper has a Heavy duty main beam made from 120mm reinforced structural box frame, built for the demanding requirements of large scale farming and contracting operations.
  • Can be fitted to both the front and the back of the tractor to enable the farmer to carry up to four bales at any one time.
  • All hinge points on this bale handler are bushed and greased for longer life and minimum maintenance.
  • This bale handler has a large 90mm diameter domed arm that is splayed for better bale protection and easy bale entry and pick up.

Big Bale Grabber.

  • Large diameter 75mm clamping arms, grab a larger proportion of the bale than any other grabber, giving more positive grip and better bale protection
  • Strong enough to be used on a mechanical handler, light enough to be used on a tractor loader
  • Removal of simple locking pin, allows for free movement of both arms for better bale protection when stacking bales close together.

Hydraulic Bale Stacker.

  • The Hydraulic Bale Stacker is of robust construction throughout and is fitted with spring steel tines so it can carry two bales of straw.
  • Hydraulically operated 90mm revolving arms softly cradle bales and ensure no film damage when clamping.
  •  Rotating rollers ensure no film damage when clamping
  • Frame will accept optional brackets for use on any front loader
  • Fitted with spring steel tines so it can carry two bales of straw
  • Hoses supplied separately


Grass Toppers.

  • 6Ft Semi Off Set esign
  •  Manufactured to the highest specification using heavy gauge steel
  • Unique blade carrier specially designed from spring stee
  • P.T.O shaft is fitted with shear bolt and double run clutc
  • Adjustable level of cutting 1” to 7”
  • Fitted with comer gear boxes
  • A Frame designed for optimum safety, with blades 12 inches away from the edge

In-Line Toppers.

The In-Line Grass Topper Range has a durable and sturdy design which makes it the perfect machine for use on agricultural land as well as for use on playing fields etc.
There is currently two models in the In-Line Grass Topper range. TOP9, 9Ft standard model or TOP9HD which is the heavier duty model

  • Large capacity with simple rugged construction
  • Compact design for increased stability on steep terrain
  • Low cost spares and maintenance
  • Ideal for working in areas with restricted access


The Trailed & Three Point Linkage Landroller comes in the following models:

  • 8Ft,  9Ft and 10Ft, Long
  • Strong structural box section frame with over channel support
  • 3PL available on all 8ft models only for unladen transport
  • Scraper blade optional
  • Pick up eye and shoe rest as standard on all models

Hydraulic Lift LandRollers.

The Hydraulic Lifting Roller is available in 8Ft and 9Ft models with 30inch and 36 inch dia drums with 12-16mm wall thickness.

  • The structure of the Hydraulic Lifting Roller allows for easy change-over from working to transport mode and vice-versa
  • Wheel kit allows for efficient transport from field to farm
  • Hinged draw-bar allows the roller to be elevated while in the transport position which allows for extra ground clearance which prevents the roller from being damaged while in transport


The Landleveller is a highly effective machine, ideal for land reclamation or creating a smooth level sand bed. It leaves the ground with a level surface, safeguarding expensive drilling machinery.   Available 8Ft and 10Ft

  • Complete with Cat. 1 pins
  • Max 75H.P
  • Manufactured to the highest standard, with a robust and durable steel construction.
  • No maintenance is required as there are no moving parts
  • Flexible and easy reversible to give a smooth final pass
  • All levellers have 3 forward cutting blades and 1 reversed for                                                                                 smooth finish.

Trailed Grass Harrows.

Scarifying has long since been regarded as one of the most efficient ways of promoting grass growth. Scarifying removes weeds and moss, aerates the soil, breaks up sods and surface crusting, improves moisture and improves herbicide absorption which stimulates the growth of grass.

  • Sizes from 4Ft to 12Ft Wide x 6Ft 6" long
  • More cost effective than the mounted version
  • Suitable for small compact tractors
  • Easy hookup eyes
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Reduces the need for artificial fertilisers
  • Excellent for lifting out moss, spreading manure and levelling mole hills
  • Also excellent for root aeration which promotes improved water infiltration and growth
  • Strong robust design ensures long life and minimum maintenance

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A big thank you to the guys at Rea Engineering for a wonderful job.

We got in a dispute with the developer who never finished the development to spec, all the residents got together to agree on fitting new gates and railings.   W. H Rea Engineering.were pivotal in gaining agreement on the gate designs plus the induvidual automation requirements, and costs.

Thank you for making a complex issue... simple.

Local Resident                 


Hi Gilbert, 
            Many thanks for the fantastic gates – they completely change the look of our house.
The detail  and design of the gates really complements the house and garden.


Rhanbuoy Park

Tender accepted

Successful ideas:

The contract for a major project on Dublin Road , Belfast has been awarded to W. H Rea Engineering., by May Estates Ltd .

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